Remember when you would put on a recording you would just lose yourself to? What happened to quality recordings like that? What if there was a place where someone like you and me could create recordings like that today?

Our vision at Mattlind Mastering and Recording is simple – to change the way people approach making music in the modern industry. Mattlind was founded solely to serve the artist and her community. By providing the highest quality resources and equipment possible at affordable rates, we, at Mattlind, strive to constantly re-think and push the envelope for how great music is made. With over a million dollars invested towards producing the highest quality sound possible, Mattlind combines the best of both analog and digital worlds to achieve the integrity of your artistic vision. Our primary goal is to provide the best experience possible for you!

Mattlind is a Grammy® Nominated Studio that has worked with various Grammy® Winning Artists. Using equipment unparalleled anywhere in the Southwest and most places around the world, Mattlind has recorded and mastered various local artists in virtually all genres, has worked on video projects such as the soundtrack for the major motion picture, “Tombstone,” and has done audio work for companies like Sony, Disney and PBS.

We offer a set of services that puts the artist in charge of their vision and creative goals!